Last words

I was writing my final blogpost about how I'm feeling now, having left Senegal and being back home. And though this blogpost is my last, I'm making it short, for I've understood and accepted that there's no real answer to what being "done" with this experience feels like.

All I can say is that, like anything I've experienced and every memories I've made, I'm reminded of those moments from the past in the most unexpected ways, everyday. 

I'm grateful that this experience has given me an insight that will stay with me forever. Whether I want it to or not, it has and will continue to have an impact on my life, one that may at times be so great that it controls the decisions I make for life, and at times so unnoticeable that I think it has left me. 

But one day I'll be back so as to remind myself of the past. For it's easy to forget how meaningful a place and its people can be once you immerse yourself in new surroundings. And it wouldn't be fair to myself or to those people who gave me so much to forget about them. So that's why I'll go back to Senegal. To enjoy the past as a present moment one more time. Or maybe two.