Let’s Begin

Insecurity derives from a lack of capability.  And as people of the world have proven time and time again, a “lack of capability” derives from nonsense.

The most wonderful part about being human is that improvement is always attainable. By constantly improving yourself, you are ultimately making your life easier by becoming more accessible to the world.

I view this stage in my life as a step towards development. I am excited to gain from all who I meet, as well as cannot wait to give back all I can.

I’ve been asked if I’m nervous. I’ve been asked if I’m excited. There’s no real difference to me. I currently lay on my bed next to my visa, passport, an average sized suit case and my back pack I’ve had since middle school. I can’t say that it will be fun, that it will be scary, or that it will lead me to what I am looking for.

All I know is that I’m ready. I thank all who have been there for me up to this point. And I hope I come back as someone else.