Letter 4 Yessi from Yessi

Dear Yesenia, 


By the time you’re reading this letter, I hope that you’re the best version of you (so far). I hope that the months you experienced in Ecuador have open your mind and eyes in a way that has allowed you to retain a clearer vision of what your mission is in the world. 


You might be reading this and think, wow that’s vague. But what I’m tryna say is remember all you’ve learned from Adrian, Mr. Cone, Mr. Hite, Robert, Leo, and so many more. I hope you’ve began to uncover your truth. Meaning the truth that when you hear it, gives you goosebumps. The truth that when you hear it you’re filled with drive and aspiration. Along the same lines, I hope you discover one of many passions; work at what you feel you do best, and master or practice mastering a skill. Focus on the bigger picture, remember that love is a thread that ties everything, every living element together. I hope you’ve allowed yourself to see your own weaknesses, and acknowledge that before transcending, you are human. You make mistakes, you trip over your own feet, you assume or judge sometimes unconsciously. But when you notice these things, I hope you plant your feet, mind, and eyes in the present moment and use your free will to act righteously. 


What I’m trying to say is I hope that this time revealed the real you to yourself, before anybody else it’s crucial for you to know who you are and know that your current situation is not your final destination. I want you to come back open, open to change, open to growth, open to life. I don’t expect for you to come back with your whole life figured out, but I hold you accountable for maximizing the time spent in Ecuador. Maximize it by being present, compassionate, empathetic, loving, honest, connected, faithful, and hopeful. We can have an internal conversation when you get back about all of this, but I hope you have these principles down so that your foundation is sturdy and you can begin to build a celestial kingdom within yourself.


I hope that you got to interact with indigenous people and communities, I know you were very eager to do that. Also, i hope the temazcalli experience came to fruition. Above all, I hope you’ve remembered how to truly LIVE not just exist. Let the process of growth and evolution, for highest good, continue to be expressed from the inside —> out.




 love is constructive, hate is destructive. 


be the change you want to see in the world. 


be mindful, not mind full. 


let love rule. 


remember how far you’ve come, and don’t crack under the pressure.


Much love, 

Yesenia <3 🙂


May 2018, almost 2 months after RET 


The internal processing/conversation has long begun. I am rooted… grounded in my love, our truth. I have strengthened my wings, and I am ready to fly. Soar at heights unimagined, see sights that were once unseen, sights so profound they inspire me to structure my vision on the basis of liberty… fly a flight, live a life, thats free, for you and me, in la kech a la kin… 

Y aunque mi vuelo en Ecuador ha llegado a una pausa, sigo volando… porque donde quiera que vuelo, llevo mi casa. Aquí, dentro de mi, se encuentra mi casa; mi casa es mi corazón. Corazón que es lo único que tengo. Un corazón lleno de amor, que quiere compartir con toda la familia de la tierra. La gente, los animales, toda la naturaleza, el cielo, los planetas… pulsamos al mismo ritmo. Somos uno, somos una armonía.

Ahora, toca planificar, construir, y armonizar para que vivamos en paz. Que viva la evolución consciente. Se el cambio que deseas ver en el mundo… <3 Un abrazo herman@. <3 


Aho mitakuye oyasin, 

Yessi <3 🙂