Letting Go & Going Home

I can only begin to imagine the interactions I’ll have when I return home to the United States – endless questions concerning what I’ve experienced and learned over the course of the past eight months. At their core, these questions revolve around one key topic: what I’m taking with me from my experience, whether it be memories, relationships, or lessons. Yet, I think the most important aspect of my journey is what I’m leaving behind.

This year has taught me about the necessity of letting go. I arrived in India hoping to discover myself somewhere within this beautifully chaotic country; but it wasn’t until these last few months that I realized who I am has been with me all along. I just needed to let go of a few things first…

I let go of my insecurities.

I let go of self-doubt.

I let go of stereotypes and judgements.

I let go of toxic relationships.

I let go of my fear of opening up to people.

I let go of anxiety.

I let go of the pressure of society.

I let go of my plans for the future.

I let go of guilt.

I let go of all that and so much more.

In order to reach the essence of who I am, I’ve had to learn to leave behind the chains that I impose on myself. When my flight takes off tomorrow evening, I’ll be leaving behind all the negative thoughts and feelings that have held me back throughout my life and my bridge year. I am dedicating myself to new sense of freedom; one that allows me to be myself fully and completely, one that allows me to open my heart to the world and feel every moment without hesitation, one that allows me to journey through life confident and unafraid.

Over the course of my year in India, I’ve learned how to let go in order to grow – this is the most important lesson I’ll be taking with me when I go home.