Live From The Field

Stronger than ever
Over the last few months I've changed my attitude in the way I see challenges. Before I face a challenge with exhaust , a defeat before trying , I gave my self reasons such as not being strong enough , not being talented -what if I mess up?
but I've seen myself change
Every time I push a heavy wheel barrow up a hill and I stumble back under the weight, I take two steps forward but this time stronger than ever.
Every time I approach a new person in Spanish a part of my mind says "you don't speak Spanish" but as I have a fluent conversation , I realize my voice is stronger than ever.
Every time I approach a mountain hill in the hot Ecuadorian sun I say" oh he** no!", but as my legs ache to reach the top and my breath heavy , I reward myself with a juicy mango . My will is stronger than ever.
Stepping into a new life, a new trend, I find myself rejoiced at the changes I see in myself. Until then I'll go back to eating my 25 cents mangos while I can.

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