Live From The Field


Here I stand at the end of In Country Orientation (ICO), going through a  wave of emotions. I am definitely excited about the idea of meeting my long awaited 7 months of experience. However I personally believe that my experience was jet started a long time ago. I will just be truthful and admit that the idea of change does not settle well with me. Deviating from my normal is exciting, however at the same time it is in general emotionally exhausting.


Having recently drafted visions, they now seem to be more of a reality than a vision. What was just a thought that crossed my mind is now tangible. Regardless of all the mental preparation that I had trained myself through, this situation evokes emotions different from the ones I had planned for in my grand Life Plan.


Since childhood I have been fascinated by puzzles, I tend to find them really cool and therefore I choose to vision my life as one. Just now at this moment my puzzle feels almost complete. I have managed to fit all the parts that matter, friendships that bear with my constant idiotic ways, a family that listens and still is interested to have conversation with my terrible Spanish, I almost can make my way through Quito and not get lost and lastly but not least a cohort with great people each bringing diversity to nourish each others growth and learning experience.


Regardless of the fact that my pieces seem to fit, the thought of departing not only disassembles this puzzle but presents me with a new one, one that I have no idea how to piece together and I call it the ‘‘Game Changer.’’ This is the time where I break to pieces like a puzzle standing a chance to reassemble myself.


I know for a fact that sometimes the pieces will not fit and I might not stand a chance of solving the enigma. On the other hand, some of the pieces might fit perfectly. This is what I love about solving puzzles, the opportunity it offers which is to fit as many pieces as possible until I get it right. Even though I might fail to get it right sometimes, the puzzle will still be facing me the next encounter waiting to be fitted perfectly.  It is this undying opportunity that puzzling offers that I look forward to everyday and I have learned to love and hate at the same time. The irony of this all is that I am puzzled out of my mind as of now.