Looking Back

I worked hard to compile my 7 months living in Ecuador into just a 7 minute video. I experienced and went through so much more and past the highlights and what is shown. And as a disclaimer, this video is representative of my experience in Ecuador in the small rural town I lived in the Southern Sierra region. It does not represent Ecuador as a whole and every fellow and every person has had different experiences and stories than I did. 

Global Citizen Year gave me the opportunity to give myself some time to reflect on myself and gain a global perspective before going off to college and I am forever grateful for everything that I went through; the easy, the hard, the struggles, challenges, adventures, and everything in between. This was an amazing opportunity and just after 1 month of being back, I miss Ecuador so much and a part of my heart will always be in Bella Union and I know I'm going back one day. 
Thank you Global Citizen Year, Colegio Daniel Hermida, and the Sanmartin family for letting me be a part of something so great.

I hope you enjoy the video I made as part of my Capstone project!