Looking Forward

I deferred from Mount Holyoke College exactly 24 days ago. 

That is the best example I can think of to show how hard the decision not to go to college this year was for me… I have never been a decisive person. I strongly dislike making decisions, and I am a heavy procrastinator. This particular decision, however, had to be made. My mind wavered and switched back and forth constantly as I tried to choose between college and a bridge year, even after I had committed to Global Citizen Year. There were just such strong arguments for both. Did I want to begin my post-high school academic career earlier, in order to be with all of my friends and finish "on-time?" Or did I want to try something completely new and have the opportunity to experience things I would never find in a classroom? The answer to both those questions, unfortunately for me and my undecided mind, was yes. 
Eventually, my decision came down to something my mom told me during my application process to Global Citizen Year. She told me she had always heard people say they wished they had taken a gap year, but she had never met anyone who regretted the gap year they took. As I prepare for this potentially wild adventure, I look forward to all of the unforeseen lessons I will eagerly learn, and I look forward to looking back on this year without regret.