Maybe the journey begins where the pavement ends and the cactus grow

Wow! What a world we live in!

A couple ponderings from the life I am creating in Ecuador:

Maybe the journey can only begin when the pavement ends and the cactus
grow. And maybe at this place you may find a heart filled home where the
walls have cracks in them because of the strength of the love that lives
within those walls.

Sometimes just being, existing in the same space with humans is more
powerful than sharing words. There, in that hanging silence humanity finds
its voice. The universal humility that has the power to demolish a lack of
language. Throughout this exchange of new beginnings and happenings,
moments of universal feelings have struck me. Feelings that have the power
to unite and cojoin like none other.

I may be estranged, people may question if I am a woman, I may not know why
every Wednesday twenty men gather outside my house , but what is known is
that there is something universal about sharing a laugh, a smile, and tears
because things that are pure can be felt through any language. So maybe
this is just about collecting memories that make your heart smile and cry
and allowing those heartfelt moments to guide the ever evolving narrative
of your life.

Written on the Nancy Drew-esq notepad in various situations where a
revelation occurred.

Transcribed at your favorite computer cafe in Pimampiro.

All the love in the world!

Avry o Abril (depende en el pais)