Moving Quickly, Going Nowhere

Highschool, school for that matter, has felt like a never ending track race. Every year I seemed to hit the reset button and just start a new lap. Even though I would go around the track, I always seemed to end up in the exact same spot that I started in. I would have learned about different math concepts, read a bunch of books, written some essays, but I never had any better idea of what I wanted to do with my life. It felt like I was just running in circles, moving quickly, but going nowhere.
I wasn't going anywhere because I had nowhere to go. I had no idea, and still barely have an idea of what I want to do with my life. By heading off to college this year, I would just be allowing my self to keep running down the track, moving quicker and quicker to an undefined goal. So I decided I was going to step off the treadmill of traditional schooling and slow down for a year.
In just a few hours I will be heading off to India as a Fellow with Global Citizen Year. While in India I will be living with a local family and working with the non-for-profit organization, Teach for India, where I will be teaching English at an Underfunded school in Pune, India. This is an amazing opportunity that I have been given to step of the track and start moving slowly, but heading somewhere.