My gap year playlist

My Senegalese Playlist

Music has been such an integral part of my gap year experience. I never knew how poppin the aspect of music would be to Senegalese culture. I love the drum breaks in both traditional and contemporary Senegalese music. Here’s a list of the music I constantly bumped to during my gap year.

  1. Aya Nakamura- Djadja

  2. Youssou N’dour- YITE

  3. Youssou Ndour- Mebeuguel is All

  4. Maabo- Namel

  5. Noface Vs Mia- Reine Xol

  6. Wally Seck- Amour Impossible

  7. Aida Samb- Bulko Sank

  8. Wally Seck- Yobanete

  9. Aida Samb- Lan La

  10. Viviane Chidid- No Stress