My top 10 Brazilian songs


Welcome to a short introduction to Brazilian music. Put on your headphones, let's dive in!

10. Medley da Gaiola – Dennis DJ Remix – MC Kevin o Chris

Here is my fav funk song which reminds me of those funk parties and how the Brazil cohort was showing their new skills at RET.


Do you like shaking your booty to reggaeton? Let me introduce you to the next level – the Brazilian funk. I apologize to you all regarding the lyrics… though, gotta give funk the prize for clever beats and rhythms. (Btw, be careful it is addicting and it made start to feel “meh” towards reggaeton.)

*Tips*  follow it till the end, the rhythm changes throughout…..

(Link —–> )

9. Sou Praiero – Tim Brown

CARNAVAL VIBESSSS. Do I need to say more?

“Porque eu sou brasileiro

Eu sou do litoral

Eu sou do mundo inteiro

Eu sou do carnaval”

Because I am Brazilian

I am from the coast

I am from the whole world

I am from carnival “


Also… <333

“Quero Floripa e as ondas de lá”

(Floripa = Florianópolis = 2nd home)

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8.  País Tropical – Jorge Ben Jor

The most known-Brazilian song and artist – there is a reason why.

A song played on repeat in the car. It sticks to your mind.  You will wish that you were born in Brazil – o país tropical!

(Link —–> )

7. Esquadros – Adriana Calcanhotto

A Brazilian singer-songwriter whose songs are Portuguese poetry.

I began to love the sound, then the lyrics, then the memory with it. It was a Friday evening and I stayed in the centre of Santo Antonio De Lisboa with my new-found friend from the bloco after the practice. We sat together on the street next to the only bar on the “main” street and shared stories from our lives as the musicians entered the tiny stage. The female singer filled the tunes of “Esquadros” and the people around me sang along with their eyes closed…

Link to “Esquadros” →

*Extra* more Adriana but with another brilliant Brazilian, Maria Bethânia. “Depois De Ter Você”…

ay the love →

6. Não Existe Amor em Sp – Criolo

Brazilian Hip Hop, rap, soul, Samba, MPB (Música popular brasileira), Afrobeat,… Criolo is your man.

The first Brazilian song I fell in love with was this one. You don’t even need to know Portuguese to feel the emotions and to be touched by it. However, a piece of poetry reveales itself as you translate the lyrics.

5. Zero – Liniker

More soul and transgender DIVAAAA from Brazil.

Let her liberate you. It is highly recommended to translate her lyrics – they will blow your mind as she reflects upon love.

Link to “Zero” →

Second link to her “tiny desk concert” →

4. Terminei Indo  – A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade

Indie rock, indie folk, and MPB from Curitiba.

I was recommended this band by a Brazilian friend from Brasilia. During a cohort gathering, one of my leaders told me “I know them”. THE F**K. The world is small and GCY leaders are pretty cool.

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3. Nas Águas de Amarlina – Mart´nália

My favorite samba singer, godess! Looking for those Rio De Janeiro tunes? No need to look more.

Mart´nália was introduced to me through my friend in Santo Antonio. One night, I was sitting in her sofa and waiting for her to get ready for going to the Samba club or for the next carnival night (I don’t remember anymore). Then, she puts on Mart´nália’s album “Menino do Rio” and I was captured. A part of me didn’t wanna leave the house, just to keep on listening.

*Tips* This song is only the first encounter, try to find the whole album!

Link to “Nas Águas de Amarlina” →

2. Partilhar – Rubel

Romantical folk and indie pop. I have no idea have many times I listened to it by now.

The song, that might be my future wedding song (and no I don’t have a partner yet, mom). Not feeling romantical, listen to it and tell me again afterwards.

Mine and my Brazilian mom’s song <333 It always lit up the time we spent together in the kitchen.

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1. O sol – Vitor Kley


The song which makes me miss Brazil the most. Carnival, the beach, and the people…

(the lyrics translated by → )

Hey, sun

Try not to forget it and light me up

I need you here

Hey, sun

Try to enrich my melanin

Only you can make me smile

And when you come

Everything gets pretty quiet

Oh, quiet

Then so be it, Amen

Your brightness is my shelter

My shelter

And every time you leave

The world gets distracted

Those who stay, just stay

Those who leave, just go go

And every time you leave

The world gets distracted

Those who stay, just stay

Those who leave, just go go go


My favourite class, the 4th grade, played this song during our crying party my last day at work. “Those who leave, just go go go”…

At some point, I had to leave… BUT! I can always come back to carnival, the beaches and to the people. (Made a promise to this 4th grade that I will return to see all of them graduate from 9th grade).

The original →

Remix version →

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and maybe even started to love some music from Brazil!

Much love,


P.s I added all the songs (+ extra) to this Spotify playlist! For all my Spotify fellows <3