My Two Families

I have two families. I have 2 brothers, a sister, 2 mothers, 2 fathers and a whole bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins. The greatest things about these families is that there’s so much in common. Between cachaca and beer, both my dads make some form of alcohol. EVERYONE has a love of beer. Sports, check, hard workers, check, a little crazy, double check. Two families separated by thousands of miles, yet the culture, love, peace, and sense of family remain the same.

My host-mother Rita is in so many ways similar to my real mom. Their many shared traits include: always cautioning me and reminding me of events, things I should bring and whether I’ve eaten enough that day are one of their many shared traits. Where my mom in the states would remind me if I packed my running shoes, water bottle, and all the hygenic products in the world. Here Rita would remind me if I packed my jacket, I have anything to eat, socks (cause you never really know), and even once important documents. The double-checking and constant worrying is something I’ve come to appreciate more and more as it saves me just as many times, and will be something I will always remember as in adult life I double-check my backpack MULTIPLE times.

My father in the states is a very verbal person, what he thinks about a situation he’s always quick to tell me. Biluca is the same way. At every moment possible they are ready to teach and let me know what they think, for myself and others to learn. I remember the times Biluca would say with the same pride he’s one of the few men left in this world willing to work in the dirt and mud and farm. He swells with pride when he tells customers he doesn’t use any sort of pesticide to protect his crops. It’s the same pride I see in the eyes of my Dad back home will tell me of the various technologies he’s working at work; Or the way he explains his opinion on certain aspects of the world and politics. It also can’t go unsaid their shared passion to make alcohol. From my host-dad making an entire profession out of harvesting crop for the single purpose of cachaca, to my real dad’s side-line hobby of brewing beer, both are equally entertained to make good quality and share with everyone. It is their willingness to share their thoughts and work with the world around them that inspires me to seek equally fulfilling work that I too will come to love and share as much as them.

I am an only-child. But I have a Brother. The day he gave me my nickname Tanguets, I gave him the nickname Jeff. Jeff was the one who lived along side Biluca and Rita in my home in Brazil. From the work and sweat we share in the ro̤a (field) to the parties we go to at night we are at each other’s side. From explaining jokes in foreign languages, to discussing the practice of Genetically modified organisms in agriculture I have communicated better to you than other people of my own language. I want to say thank you, from saving me from spending weekends alone searching by myself for what to do, to every moment of everyday teaching me Portuguese. I have no one to compare you to, because YOU are the only brother I have lived with (Eu nao esqueci voce Leo ou Deide, voces dois tambem sao gentes muitos boms! kkkkkk).

I want to thank my host-family in Brazil for being ready to accept me so easily. And I want to say Thank you to all of my family, for always being there to teach me.