My Wildlife Room

This average room has a door,window, and a bathroom. Just your usual room right? Well it would be if I weren’t sharing it with like 5 other creatures. I should introduce my roommates.

1. First you have the quiet but interesting gecko. It’s always on the bathroom roof just chilling every night. We first met when I first came back from TS1. First I did when I got back was use the bathroom and my surprise I a golden white tail sticking out from a hole and so I did what any curious person would I pulled the tail of the gecko. When I pulled the tail out I didn’t expect it to be strong so it broke free and hid deep into the hole. Since than it’s always in my bathroom and night and in day just chilling in its hole. I named it ” Mud”.


2. Picture above you see a lizard next to the gecko which is the second guest in my room. He been living here since the first day I got to my host stay in September. He more wild than the gecko instead of chilling in its hole which he has his own hole where he rest. He moves around in my room at night and I can hear him moving and when I turn on the light he would be hiding behind my luggage. Just today actually I found him in the pocket of my shorts that I had left on the floor the night before this morning. Whenever I find crickets in my room I kill them or brake their legs so they can’t move so I can feed both the lizard and gecko which they always do eat it at night in the bathroom. I named him “Paco”.

3. Those are my favorite guest in my room. This next one is neutral for he comes and goes doesn’t do no harm. I  don’t know the name of this creature but it has a pink star nose and is blind. He visits my room time to time surprising me at 1am bumping into my luggages and water bottles. He couldn’t find his way out of my room so he dug a hole under my door and that it’s still there today and that how it leaves whenever it comes from the bathroom. The first time I saw it I was kinda terrified of it for I had never seen something so different yet so fascinating. I named it “Patrick”.

4. This guest was just a one time thing when it got here he did make a scene. It was around 11pm I was trying to sleep with the lights off and my window was closed. I started hearing like a flapping noise like birds do when they flap their wings. I turned on my flashlight and my surprise is a bat! Don’t worry I didn’t get rabies because the only thing keeping us apart was the mosquito net… The bat was flying around my room circling around my mosquito net. The bat probably had came from the bathroom for I have holes in the walls that connect to the outside. The bat would be screeching it was getting to know my room surrounding using its echo location. It was pretty fascinating to witness it very close at hand. Some time had passed and I knew if I don’t do something soon than this bat will be sleeping with me tonight which would be cool thinking I’m batman for a night. What I did next was quick, i had my flashlight on and when I saw the bat go into my bathroom. I immediately got out of my bed to open the window for the bat to escape and quickly crawl into my bed without being bitten by it.  Luckily my plan worked and the bat flew out the window. It never came back but it was a fun moment for me to observe the bat at close range.

5. Last guest I hate them so much with a passion and are really annoying. The mouse…. there are 2 mouses and 1 huge mouse which at first I thought it was a rat but it’s not. It’s a different species of mouse which is cool but it just does so much damage to my room. They all leave peanuts shells everywhere in my room and there poop don’t get me started. At night they keep me from sleeping sometimes for they are eating peanuts very loud in the bathroom or they are digging new holes in the wall. Also the first time I met them was in October when I woke up and heard a rattle on the floor. I turned on the light and I see the two small mices getting it on in behind my luggage. Once I broke it up they just jumping up and down hopping to their way to the bathroom like playing frog leaps. I will never forget that moment…

Those are all my roommates and each had their own stories and impact to my room. I wouldn’t expect much when coming to Senegal especially in my village it being near the wildlife and seeing a lot of new animals every once in a while here.  A funny moment I remember is when I walked into my bathroom at night around 3am and I saw the big mouse so when it saw me it ran to the hole where the gecko was. I would think the mouse would be scared of the gecko but to my surprise the gecko got kicked out of the hole was ran up to the wall. That was a funny 3am moment.

Can you guess this Pokémon?