Never wanted something more.

A couple days ago i sat on my bed reassuring that my packing list was complete. Suddenly, my mom walked in the room and her worried face was the first thing that caught my attention.  Mariana are you sure you want to do this ? she said, questioning me, as usual, to make sure i was doing the right thing. After a while of mother-daughter chit chatting about the year waiting for me ahead, i concluded i had chosen the right path by taking a “bridge year” in Senegal.

In that moment, i realized i had never wanted or wished something in life with more desire ever before. Knowing who i am and the way i approach and over think every situation in life, the opportunity of going to Africa was never a doubt to me. It feels as if I'm meant to go there, and i can’t wait to see where God’s plans will lead me throughout this year. I know it sounds as if I'm anticipating things a little because I'm not there yet, but sometimes you can’t help but express what makes part of an experience feel so special.

Feelings of enthusiasm, a little anxiety to the unknown and to holding no clue to what might come next. Those are the feelings that to me, make part of this experience so special and unique. Life’s too short not to live it to the fullest, even if it means being fearful of new experiences or undertaking new challenges! It’s doing what feels right no matter what, like taking a “bridge year”.

I might not be there yet, but somehow i can’t help but visualize the tremendous impact this year ahead will bring into my life. It will carry many peaks throughout the year, it's what every fellow expects with excitement from this experience. Although I'm aware it will carry many challenges along the way too, i can’t help but look into them with an open mind, because those tests along the year are the ones that will shape me into the person i wish to be.

As the day of my departure gets closer, packing, goodbyes and explanations to people as to why I'm going to Senegal start piling up together, it’s as if reality is hitting me harder with the realization that soon, I’ll step out of my house leaving part of me behind, returning as a completely different person. Stronger, determined, and with a different view towards the world.

I hope to look back at this blog to reflect on the year and things I've learned, but to also see how far I've come along the way.

I want to take the time to thank Global Citizen Year for allowing me to have this opportunity and to everyone else that has supported me along the way.

Thanks for the taking the time to read my first blog :).