Not a day passes in the small, rural village of Colobane where the phrase nohi tamin (Sereer Laala for "the sun is hot") isn't uttered over & over. It is a frequent addition to the extended greetings made throughout the day to neighbors, friends, & family members. 
Throughout the past 3+ months in Senegal, however, the sun has become much more than the painful, sweat-inducing, fiery ball of death that it was for me those first few weeks of September. 
Every second of my days here are spent outside. I am fortunate enough to witness the sun creep up over the horizon every morning, & crawl back down at dusk. The simple act of mindfully watching the full and colorful noh open & close my days has become an almost essential part of my experience. The practice helps me to remain grateful, mindful, and present through everything I am experiencing. 
I attached a few photos of some of the more memorable sunrises & sunsets to share. 
I will be blogging a lot more often (hopefully) in these upcoming months and throughout the busy holiday season. There is so much to say– sometimes it's difficult to pull my thoughts out of my head and put them into a post.
Please know I love you all, & I'm thinking of home a lot throughout this intense and amazing period of growth.