O que é o Brasil ?

If you would have asked me a year ago “What it Brasil?”  I would have responded to you robotically and with common knowledge :” Brasil is the largest and most populated country of South America.Capital ? Brasilia.” And that would have been it.

In fact, nothing had particularly pushed me to learn more about this country.But life is a full of surprises !

I arrived in Garopaba the 3 of September of 2017. And little did I know that I would find another home , another family  that welcomed de “braços abertos” since day one!

I remember a metaphor that Beliza made during our first week in Floripa : “ You all are like babies now , and by mid-april we will have at Training Seminar III , full grown ups “. At first sight I didn’t fully understand it.But it made sense later on … How ?

I was suddenly in a new environment , new culture , new setting that I had no clue ..… However as time passed , it all started to make sense .I was able to joke with Débora  my wonderful hostmum <3 , tease Nananix , and even have existentialist conversation with Josie !Not only did I understand the “chantonnant” portuguese “girias e sotaques “ but I felt that I belonged to my community , I felt in peace !

In fact during my stay in Garopaba ,the word Brasil translated from a distant geographic “lugar” into my reality ! And I am proud to say that although I am now 8100 km away from my blue wooden house by the sea shore , I feel deeply connected to the country that hosted me for 8 months .

The link that I made with the brazilian culture was so strong , that after returning home , I kept researching more information about that “Pais Tropical tao maravilhoso que me encantou tanto !”

For instance ,I just finished reading “Historia ‘s” special number : “SOMOS INDIOS “, discovered the movement “arcadismo “ through the poetry of Tomas Antonio Gonzaga. And here is wonderful excerpt that I would love to share with you all !

Os teus olhos espalham luz divina,

A quem a luz do Sol em vão se atreve:

Papoula, ou rosa delicada, e fina,

Te cobre as faces, que são cor de neve.

Os teus cabelos são uns fios d’ouro;

Teu lindo corpo bálsamos vapora.

Ah! Não, não fez o Céu, gentil Pastora,

Para glória de Amor igual tesouro.

Graças, Marília bela,

Graças à minha Estrela!”

I also became a fine specialist on a really delicate topic “BRAZILIAN FUNK”.

Yes , Daniel Saboya helps me to think I can make the “quadrar e rebolar “ xD .

Yes , you will likely hear  MC kevinho’s music whether you want or not during Carnaval at Ferrugem !

No Brasil is not only about Samba and Carnaval in Rio.

Yes , I am addicted to chimarrao , I bought my cuia , bomba and I drink it all day long !

I don’t think a blog could fully encapsulate my full experience , but this just a small attempt to share a bit of my experience and also thank the ones who made the journey so special .Entao Vamos là entao !

Obrigada Debora for being my inspiration. You are such a wonderful example of women empowerement.

Obrigada Vovis for your eternal patiencia comigo !

Obrigada Nananix for allowing me to be your sister , and teaching that “Borboletinha ta na cozinha “.Te amo , irmaozinho<3

Obrigada Josie for being more than a supervisor ! Muito gratido para tua amizade.

Obrigada Simone e Gustavo para sua hospitalidade e mi apprender como fazer Chimarrao !

Obrigada Lucianne para me ajudar a descobrir muito mais sobre la miteratura brasileira !

Obrigada Marcella , Yuri , Belkis , Chris e Analice !! My journey wouldn’t have been as wonderful without you guys !

Enfim , quero agradecer todo mundo que me recebeu na Garopaba ! Obrigada por tudo ! Foi uma aventura maravilhosa !!