Oh how the moments go…

It’s been quite a long time since I have written a blog. Moments have come
and gone, and as of today there is one month left of this adventure. I
cannot comprehend how that happened so fast. I’ve decided to share some of
the photos taken during this time. ¡Siga no mas!

Las muñecas en la camioneta para el año nuevo.

Mami Miche feeding huevos y arroz to el wawa Kike for breakfast.

Students at La Provincia del Oro scattering after a dance performance.

As I approached, the pack of cuy (guinea pig) rushed to the corner of the
pen, piled on top of each other, and remained dead silent and scared for
their lives. Also, under the pack there is un conejo (rabbit), you can see
her ear sticking up.

1/21/19: watched the super blood wolf moon, such a surreal experience.

A view down the street on my walk home from the bus.

A moment captured in time (one that is actually very common en la casa).
This usually follows with la mama saying to la wawa “que te hizo la sara??”

Una abeja drinking the sweet nectar from a delicate rose in our garden.

A shot I took on the bus ride to Otavalo. If you look closely you can see
my favorite “three trees in a pod” just chillin’ up there.

I like the way the the house mimics the clouds, or it could be the other
way around, or they could be totally unrelated… who knows.

2/4/19: My friend Kat and I getting ready for her host parents’ wedding.
Felicidades Ellie y Sairy, a un hermoso matrimonio y vida juntos! Such an
honor to be able to be a part of the ceremony and wear the traditional
Kichwa dress.

Ellie embracing her mother before the wedding ceremony.

A traditional plate served in the Amazon. Consists of plátano, yuca, papa

frijoles, vainita, bagre, y rana.

La Nina in her new dress, held by her padre Rodrigo.

Mama Pacha estaba con sueno while laying with her wawas as they breastfed.