On love

Often with blogs there is a sense of falseness, but not in a negative way. It is a natural occurrence that happens when you know other people are reading your work. I can personally say I do it; romanticise daily life or events to make them seem more interesting. To me it comes as no surprise. There are some stories that if we really did “tell it like it is”, the truth is that nobody would read it.

In order to omit that perfectly polished falsity, I am trying something new. Here I have a completely genuine, 100% as it happened, transcribed conversation about love between my beloved cohort (The Jungle!) No editing was done, I just listened and wrote. I hope you enjoy the wisdom and genuinity of these 10 or so jungle fellows having a conversation in the back of a van.


Now.. I just think love is just.. an outlaw. It’s the ultimate outlaw

what causes change?


what causes, like, change?

..Its.. thats what it is, it’s not between the to people to see if it works out or is beautiful its like love is something that comes and goes as it pleases and we just have to…

enjoy the ride!

We have to just, like, it’s completely out of our control

I think so too

and its, its like I was telling (Munya), it’s a lot from a book I read and then like my own thing but like nobody knows how to make love stay. But now like the idea of the word stay. The words “make” and “stay”…don’t even apply because its not like you’re trying to like..have this little tomato plant grow..like love is a lot more than that. Its not like..I mean you can’t make it stay at all. And its not like gonna pull you with it sometimes. Its an outlaw, nobody knows what it’s doing, but instead, okay this is definitely not my quote but I believe in it wholeheartedly..Instead of promising to like honour and abide, you should promise to aid and abet. and thats what I believe about it and there’s love between people and just importantly theres love between the cohort, love between you and yourself, love between you and the world, love between you and inanimate objects, just the mystery. It gets you closer to the mystery.

I was just about to say, love is actually a myth!


What, what do you mean by that?

Love, I don’t believe that it’s a myth.

I believe that it’s one of the most amazingly intangible feelings that you can have, cause you can’t really describe it, but you know it when it’s there. Like its there, and its present. and you can feel like it it, but like so many people have asked me, how do you know if you’re in love and its like, you just know. Theres not like a laundry list

Right, and there’s love here.


And theres different levels of love too. There’s love, theres being in love, which I think are very different

I think love has a shelf life, or in love has a shelf life.

I think so, but I don’t know I don’t think I’ve had enough time

I don’t mind that it does and i don’t think that it invalidates it

yeah would you rather have a very intense full love for like a year, or a long, kind of dull half-hearted for years. I’d rather have the full out one

Wait but even like a full like lovey love, like I don’t mind quiet love. Loves that don’t impose themselves too much. I mean not like your just living your life until you die  with this person, but like just different, it doesn’t have to be..

super intense


Wait why did you have this epiphany?

You know I lost, sort of , a love, right? Or kinda like, it fizzled out, and i was like, oh shit, like i thought our love was more than that. But I don’t think its any less, anymore. And and what about, you think its a myth?

Not necessarily a myth



This is only about four minutes of our conversation. There is a possibility that there is more to come..stay tuned!!