On the Side of the River

On the side of the river

where all my dreams are realized.

where all the things I have wanted in my life

are in my hands. and all the things that I will ever want

they also are mine.

River, teach me to love

with all my heart.

teach me to accept

everything in my life which is beyond my control,

and to let these things flow

with the fluidity of your current.

and that I may always remember

that all my emotions

are a part of the whole. They go on flowing

to the sea

with peace and purpose.

I ask that we can be strong

if ever there are rocks in our path.

Oh River, I am certain that there will be.

And that when leaves and sticks fall into me,

disturbing and unsettling me,

that I can go on flowing

in the same way as before. Perhaps it will be me who falls,

crashing, breaking, creating smoke and steam,

disturbing all of my being,

all of my emotions. But help me, my river,

that these falling moments may be of learning

and then when life begins to calm itself again,

that I may look back, and see a beautiful waterfall.

And from there, I go on flowing.

I go on living


teaching the things you taught me.

I gain and I lose,

remembering all the time,

this is all much bigger than me.

I’m just a drop of you,

a part of the whole.

A part of the whole.


I’m not sure of many things, River,

But of one thing I am indeed.

Being that I am a river, like you,

one day will come

when I will give

all that I have felt

all that I have thought

all that I have wanted

all that I have learned

all that I have achieved

My whole being

I will give willingly

to the largest of the waters,

the waters of the sea.


And from there, life will go on flowing.



On the side of the river,

on the side of the river…


Hey Hey! So this is something I wrote during my final journey here in Brazil, to a national park where I sat by the side of a river and at the top of a waterfall, and listened to the waters speak. I originally wrote it in Portuguese and it sounded a lot better, but I think this is just fine as well. To me, a GCY year can be just like a river, as can our entire life. Thanks for reading 