Open Letter To The One Who Feared Me

Dear fearful citizen,


I do not blame you for being afraid of the unknown.
I do not blame you for the fear and concern for your loved ones,
For the desire to protect at all cost from what you deem to be a threat.
If anything, I’m thankful you chose flight over fight because
The latter would have made quite the tragic scene and sight.


I do not blame you for not knowing any better.
I do not blame you for your lack of exposure to
The many different people of the world,
Nor for your belief of every stereotypical and/or subtly racist word.
How inconsiderate it would be to take for granted
The international exposure handed to me and to
Assume that it’s the same for every other person.


I do not blame you for your decisions and action.
I do not blame you, but pity you because,
You realise not that your decision to profile and exile me
Took away an opportunity to learn and share cultures and broaden horizons.
Bridges where burnt severing ties before they could be ventured and explored and
I fear you may never decided to ever cross the bridge to discover more.


I do not blame you for not wanting to know.
I forgive you and hope one day you may decide to
Cross that bridge, to share and to grow.