part 2

2:00 PM


Home sweet home.

Kick the shoes under the bed.

Get into comfy clothes.


2:30 PM


Mama Maribel and Giuliana are home.

We prepare lunch.

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In a traditional meal, soup is usually first.

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Then, the rice plate which usually includes some rice, salad, and some sort of vegetable – potatoes were common.

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Mama Maribel leaves for work. The rest of the day is free. Which changed everyday but could include:


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Watching a movie which usually included an excessive amount of popcorn.

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Snacking. Tostados con queso was probably one of my favorite snacking foods.

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Meeting up with the fellows.

Inline image 23

Finishing applications or getting some alone time at a coffee shop.

This is El Quinde aka my cohort Arrarray's second home. My order was the strawberry milkshake and they knew me so well I only had to look at them and say "fresa" (strawberry) and that was all.

Inline image 24

A one on one meeting with my team leader Melissa 🙂

7:00 PM

Dinner. Often left overs or bread.

Sometimes when I craved something, I walked about 20 steps to the left of my house at the local tienda and bought myself some 50 cent snacks.

8:00 PM

Salsa classes at Gong which I started going to in January or..

Inline image 25

Walking to the park with Giuliana to meet friends at the park for basketball. I played very poorly but they were very kind people.

10:00 PM

Taxi home

Shower with strategy. Extremely cold water meant showering in sections. Hair first. Body after.


11:00 PM


Inline image 26

Facetime with my family. Special guest: Grandma!


Lights off

Each day was something new, small or big. Some days were mundane and not as interesting as these pictures may seem. Many days were spent sitting inside my house with my host sister on a rainy day doing chores while some were adventuring and riding horses. Either way, I needed it all. I am extremely thankful to have be given the opportunity to live alongside these people and visit places I never knew existed.


P.S: If you want to talk to me about Ecuador and my experience, I can talk about it for hours if you allow me hehe