Photo Gallery

Here’s a visual look at all the people and connections that made this experience incredible. I hope you enjoy the pictures of all my loved ones. My level 1 accounting class at work 6th Grade B 6th grade A Level 1 accounting class 9th grade C 9th grade A 9th grade B One of my students in 10A 10A 10thA boys 1st level A mechanics in class 1st level mechanics A Kleverin my nephew the extended family came to visit The boys of 8th grade B The girls of 8th grade B My 7th grade class 8th grade C 8th grade A Some of my host family before christmas Teaching 8A Still teaching 8A 10th Grade C My host nephews Michael and Kleverin My 15 year old nephew Leo My fellow teachers and I before we did a traditional dance My host mom, Juana My host sister Cristina and her husband Roberto My host nephews Emily, Paula, and Miguel My host neice Paula My host sister Vivi with her 3 kids My host nephews Leo and Diego with their friends at Carnaval My host nephews playing in Vivi's house with my host mom My host brother Dario with his family at our last dinner My host parents and I at my last dinner My coworker and I at our teacher Christmas celebration One of my English classes dressed up for their performance at the open house My co workers and I before a school party Some of my students and I on my last day at the school My host cousin performing at the city festival with the people who go to his gyms.