“I vibe with that slide concept” (September of 2016 in Parque La Carolina, Quito)

Rachel’s first time eating cuy during a picnic with my host family and their friends.

(October of 2016, Paute, Azuay)

A panel of glass was removed from this church window. I took this photo during a Christmas celebration

for my apprenticeship. (December of 2016, San Miguel, Gualaceo)

On this day there was another Christmas celebration with my apprenticeship and it was drizzling enough for my sneakers to get muddy and gross. This event was significant because this wasn’t during the rainy season. Another fun memory is when my coworkers and I had to climb over the dirt in the road where a part of the mountain road collapsed during a heavy rain. (Sometime between 2016 and 2017 in Azuay, Ecuador)

“Respect my existance or expect resistance.” (Women’s march on Cuenca, January 21, 2017)

With Allie (far left) and Ana (far right).