A picture is only worth a thousand words.

“How’s Brazil! OMG, it looks amazing! “and “Looks like you are having loads of fun over there from your pictures!!”Are the usually comments I get on my facebook every time that I post a new picture. It may seem like life in Brazil only includes blue skies and beautiful beaches, but in reality it is so much more. Facebook is an awesome tool to share with my friends and family the places that I’ve visited to update on my trip, but the emotions behind the picture are left unspoken. For the past few months here, I have faced..

–       Numerous difficulties due to the language barrier

–       Racism due to little knowledge about the Asian culture

–       Homesickness

–       Worrying about literally everything due to this being a new place

What are also unspoken of from my pictures are the things that I’ve learned.

–       to speak a new language…Brazilian Portuguese!

–       I’ve taught about the Asian culture as well as learned about the Brazilian culture

–       Learning to speak up when I need help and not putting so much pressure on myself to be able to solve everything

–       Be proactive and do things on my own!


Tip for future fellows: Don’t base off your expectations from the pictures, your Global Citizen Year is crafted by what you want to do with it. A picture might tell a thousand words…but a thousand words are not enough to explain a Global Citizen Year.