Present & Future

Where am I right now? A question I often find myself asking myself. Physically I am in the amazing city of Florianopolis (Floripa), Brasil! Mentally, I'm nowhere yet everywhere.

During my week at Global Launch my group and I were tasked to answer the same question. My answer: "HERE, I am here". I have spent most of my life overthinking, worrying, and stressing about anything and everything, but I'm still alive and working on that habit. So I am trying to live by the cliche of being in the present. Many things are easier said than done, but nonetheless it's a work in progress. In terms of my first week at Stanford for Global Launch- everything was amazing. From the people I met, to the people I spoke to, to the things we spoke about. I had the chance to connect and meet people on a deeper level, where we had deep conversations. Conversations about life, love, family, religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, mental health (ie: anxiety, stress, depression), you name it, we talked about it. It was more than enlightening and made we wonder/ made me think/ made me want to continue the conversation. Coming from Arizona, there was so much exposure I was missing, and at Stanford I got a taste of what I always knew I needed but didn't have.
As of right now, I am spending my first week in Florianopolis(Floripa) Brasil!!! I can not express how excited,nervous, grateful, happy, and COLD I am! It is currently 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius). So I basically dress up in three layers when I prepare to leave my room. I have yet to meet my host family on SATURDAY, and I am so excited and filled with joy and curiosity. Amazingly, the hotel we are staying at has an amazing view of the beach (literally a minute walk from my room). All the fellows and I hang about, talk and get to know each other more often, as we are spending 8 months together! Up till this point I am just in awe and so incredibly grateful to be where I am. I have to thank everyone who supports me, including my family, friends, and Ms.Conner, because without them I would not be here today. 
Down below I'll leave a couple pictures of my time at Stanford and Brasil, and anything video related I'll give the details of where to find them soon as they develop and evolve. 🙂 
If anyone is curious of what I am doing, or has any questions, or what is a gap year, or what is GLOBAL CITIZEN YEAR, or knows a junior or senior that may be interested in traveling abroad for the purpose of a gap year, please do not hesitate to send me an email at: 🙂 I'm always willing to have the conversation.
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