Privilege. The fact that I don’t have to think about getting a good education, i just do. Privilege. The fact that this was all temporary, that I get to leave. Privilege. I am going home to universal health care and a strong economy and stable political system. Privilege. I get to leave Machismo behind.


Privilege. My host mom lives next door to the house she grew up in. She sees her sisters and brothers and mother and father everyday. Privilege. My host family eats together most meals most days, because family comes first. Privilege, my host mum works with artesenials, a trade passed down through generations of her family. Privilege. My host community looks after eachother and supports like a huge extended family.


Privilege comes in many forms and sizes. My examples here are very simplified and one-sided, I could argue for and against them all day. However, they are still valid.