Pure Fellowship

The plane landed for the last time, finally arriving in California.  I got my bags without a problem and headed towards baggage claim 3.  After 10 minutes of walking with 50lb bags, I fall to the ground after finally reaching the meeting place, threw my bags on the ground and look for my group to greet me with open arms and find… empty hallways.  Ten minutes of nothingness and loneliness proceeded until I gave Sam a call, the only number for Global Citizen Year I had, who was nice enough to tell me to go all the way across the massive airport to where I was actually supposed to meet everyone.  I soon (actually not so soon) later after sore shoulders and passionate anger towards the heat, found the rest of the Fellows.  I have yet to have a problem even remotely that hard to deal with since I’ve been with the rest of the Fellows.

I have felt nothing but love and support from all the fellows and even though I had to say goodbye to most of them, I am so excited to start the in country training with the rest of the Brazil Fellows.  It has been a non-stop 7 days of trainings and workshops with this amazingly engaged group of young adults.  It was inspirational to be with the whole group and work with everyone so closely.

Later we will be landing in Brazil then fly down to our home state Santa Catarina where it will be around 40 degrees which I can’t wait for.  I could use some cold after all the heat here in California.  I look forward with heavy shoulders for my next 20 hours of travel, but it will be worth it!  I’ll write to you all again once I’m in Brazil.