Pushing Past the Blockade : A little Update

For the longest time, I felt that I could not write. I have the privilege of my hands, brain nevertheless writing utensils to do so, but mentally a prison’s gate resided on top of my journalistic hopes and dreams. I felt like what I had to say about India would never be enough to surmise into such little words, or a paragraph nonetheless for a GCY blog. Being in the country of India is an environment like no other and I find myself falling deeper in love with the country every day. From its culture, food, and the people around me, I find few faults in the hectic yet peaceful lifestyle surrounding me. I thank Yahweh every day for putting India into my vision, albeit I may not be as religious or spiritual as I used to be, a place like India is redefining my spirituality through community and my newfound freedom. My writer's jail block particularly began after my brother's comment about my last two GCY posts. "Good, but hoping to read something more informative later.” Since then I have written, stopped, and saved approximately 5-7 GCY articles on my Microsoft word. A large part of me agreed with my brother, as a history buff, feeling that I should do as much as I can to learn about India, to write about its political affairs, culture, etc. If I am being candid here, as much as that was ideal to me, I just haven’t enacted that fulfilling part of myself moreover. The last 4 months I have simply spent getting to know Pune the best way I can by just living my life and putting myself out there. I have become comfortable.From my daily walks to school, to my routine devouring of homemade samosas, and the waving of my hand with ease to catch rickshaws. I am now an amateur barterer and a pro at using Indian toilets, two tasks of which I used to find daunting. It has been a journey of few tears but needed mental recuperation, which I can only thank Pune for. Today I find myself having solace through my independent travel, starting in Chennai and ending in Delhi. The question of why a solo trip is an article for tomorrow, but right now as I lay on the beach, I can't help but think about what else is to come. I want to share my experiences with those I love and continue to live with open-mindedness.

Sincerely, Dania