Rain Reflections

The water is pouring down from the sky as if there’s no tomorrow. The buses here are confusing. With broken portuguese I try to find my way home to “Ingleses” at the North of the Island. The sun is setting very early and shortly after six the whole world is dark. If it weren’t for the lights of the houses we’re passing. I’m looking outside the widow of the crowded bus, and colorful signs in a language I don’t (yet) understand fly by. It kind of looks different here. The architecture is not the same as the one I’m used to, it smells different and the people around me have a different kind of curiosity in their eyes (I probably look very much like a “gringa”). But maybe, at home I’ve never looked properly. I feel a little different, like in a day dream, probably due to the rain that washes away the clear structures of my surroundings. The song ‘“Lovers”-Anna Of The North’ carries me away and gets me excited for the time to come, here, in an environment that seems strange but so familiar at the same time. I smile.