READY FOR THIS (First blog)

I can’t believe this is already happening, I’m waiting for my laundry to be done while I’m writing this, and my excitement is getting bigger and bigger, the Indian songs are already part of my most played songs on my Spotify and my Netflix is already noticing my preferences on Bollywood movies. I’m not even in India yet, and my immersion into the culture has started changing my perception of the Indian lifestyle. 

It was not until this week that I was totally sure about what I was going to do in India. What are you going to do? Is it a volunteerism program?; How much are they going to pay you; why India? These and many other millions of questions were impossible to get out of my mind because of the simple reason that I did not know the answers for many of them.

The purpose of this first blog is to give to the reader a little of understanding of how I comprehended my role as a GCY fellow for the next nine months and how that will be my main goal and inspiration. I think one word is the answer to these complex questions, that word is DIGNITY, thank to the talks we had it was shown to us the importance of dignity and the impact that our actions could cause on the community. 

Many solutions for the developing countries from the developed world have become the admiration in the top economics and science magazines, but not many of them are a reality in these countries. The reason? Well, these solutions are not efficient enough because in many cases they are ignoring the fact that they involve real people with basic needs and with the same right of quality of education or product as in the developed countries. 

What I’m saying is that I’m not just going to teach English, I’m also interested in giving hope and inspiration to the children that I am working with,I am aware of how unfair the world could be, and that is why these kids deserve more than just classes but more human interactions that involve love, fun and a lot of music.