Really? It’s only been a week?

The fact that I am in another country just truly hit me. My host family is
hosting a church gathering at my home and playing Christian rock so loud
the house is shaking. If you know anything about the way I was raised this
is definitely a new experience for me.

It has finally been a full week with my host family and I couldn’t ask for
better people to be living with. This has truly been an insane journey this
far. In the short time I have been in equador I have been to church for the
first time in my life, met Christian missionaries who are from North
Carolina, worked out with my host siblings, walked to a waterfall from my
house with new friends, watched telenovelas with my host mom and sister,
been chased by a stray dog, been to a professional basketball game, played
fortnight with my host brother and my brother in California, and so much
more. It truly has felt more like a dream than anything else.

And… it has litteraly been 7 days! I can not wait to see what comes next on
this amazing journey!

So many story’s to tell and many more to come… I truly chose the road less
traveled 🙏🏽💯