Rebuilding You

Let me set the scene.

You’re 18.

You have a dog.

You killed that 5th
grade state capital test seven years ago

You’ve had 5 Jobs

You’re a hard worker

You broke your arm in
3rd grade

You got steady grades
throughout school

And everyone knows
about that time you saved david down the street.

You used to build
with Legos like it was your damn job.

Your Lego skills were



Scene change.

You’re in India.

Who is this kid?

Everything that has
created your story, your persona and your mythos is gone.

You meet your
principal and write in green pen

Who is this kid?

Oh that’s the kid who
should’ve written in blue pen.

You make a joke

Who is this kid?

Oh that’s the kid who
cheered me up on a bad day.

Whats his name?

No clue, but he came late yesterday.

Is he nice?

No clue, but he brought lunch in for me yesterday



You look around and
realize that to these new people you’re a Tabula Rasa

There’s no high
school transcript to prove you’re a hard worker

Who is this kid?

There’s no job
history to prove you work

No brazenly named
college sweatshirt to prove your worth.

Who is this kid?

Every action builds
the you that these people will know.

Every action shows
who you are.

And so at 19

You look around

Take a breath

Look into yourself

And see the Legos
with which you can build