Redefining Confidence

In the past, confidence used to be quite a conundrum to me. It was something that I couldnever quite grasp, and often, I found myself pondering this supposedly wonderful quality.Was it an inheritable, like how some people have their mother’s blue eyes or their dad’scrooked teeth? Was it a quality that was honed, and if so, how did anyone have the time ofday or the diligence to do that? Could it be something that some people just had, somethingthat just wafted off people like aroma off food?

Often, I wrestled with this question, and while I grew more comfortable in my own skin andwith the individual within, I never really thought I had this elusive, mysterious “confidence.”Sure, I was happy and comfortable, but to me, confidence was something more. It was thisair that radiated off of people that seemed to shout, I know what I’m doing