Revised Blog 1- Alissa James-Anderson

On Sunday September 1st at 2am, I was very excited to leave Stanford and finally get to Ecuador. The Stanford orientation felt extremely tiring and even a bit repetitive, but it was very fun to meet all of the fellows!

Apart from laughing with my friends, my favorite part of the Stanford orientation was the  Wednesday, August 28th hike. I was dreading the hike, but once I actually got to the hike, I found it extremely relaxing and I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the discussion that GCY created around the environment. 
I packed intensively, but I still forgot some things. 
The Stanford bookstore actually saved my life because I was able to get some of  the things I was missing (sewing needle, dirty clothes hamper). I didnt even know was also missing a water filter for my Brita bottle until my friend noticed that I didnt have one at orientation. Unfortunately, the Stanford Bookstore did not have it and  I had no way to get it because I couldn't leave campus,  but luckily my brother bought it to me. 
On Sunday, September 1st  at 10:25pm. I officially made it to Ecuador!  The place where I'll live for the next 8 months. I've been at in country oritentation for the past 4 days in Quito, now in Cuenca. 
This is a picture of me hiking.