Seas of Change

While this summer has been a beautiful one for me, it has also been a time in my life in which I felt like I was constantly behind. I was behind in my summer work, behind in my language-learning, fundraising and my blog, behind in packing and behind in juggling two jobs, family time, friend time and the work I had to get done. However, despite constantly playing catch-up, I can honestly say that I have had one of the best summers of my life, if for no other reason that it has been a summer of reflection and a true strengthening of myself. This summer, and the anticipation for this upcoming year has helped me to become more and more comfortable with myself and with where I am going, and for that I am very grateful. As I start this new chapter of my life, for all of its uncertainty, I am truly excited for the unknown. It has been three months of slowly preparing for this experience, yet as I am about to embark on this adventure, it feels like it has come incredibly fast.  The apprehension of being far away from those I love and those who love me is mixed with the pure exhilaration in knowing that I will be having an experience that can bring me so much fulfillment, if I let it. I am looking forward to the changes that Africa and Global Citizen Year will bring to me and I am open-minded to it all.