“Sincere “

First I wanted to say that I was stuck  writing my first blog because I was just full of thoughts and didn’t know how to express myself. But I would say that I’m a totally different person from who I was two months ago I never understood why I made this decision of being here. But being alone half the time made me think about things that had happened to me in the past makes me Applaud. It makes me happy that I’m not in those situations anymore because of the loving host family that I have and great fellow support here. But Everything here isn’t peaches and cream I miss moments of going in my mom’s room back at home and cuddling with her while watching a movie. I miss driving around with friends and laughing and eating wings and fries together. I miss going to the mountain or going to movies every Sunday and eating Boston market with my father. By saying that those moments were my teenage ways, but I have to learn how to grow and find myself and train my thought process of becoming of an adult and see who I am. because if I stayed home I wouldn’t be able to figure out why certain things happen to me and why certain people did things to me, but by being in Senegal and learning about new things every day and learning about the Muslim culture all I can say is that I forgive those that hurt me or left me or even manipulated me because I learned the lesson of letting go. If growing up is the process of creating ideas and dreams about what life should be, then maturity is letting go again. – Mary Beth Danielson


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