A Smattering of Thoughts

The relief of cool air hitting my skin, an almost empty bakery, and soft cowboy music-playing overhead tells me that it’s okay. Every time I sit down to write, my mind goes blank. It seems to have no problem racing late at night, persisting that I write my blog post about ‘x,’ or have my video revolve around ‘y,’ or what my speech will bring forth in emotions.

I used to write for fun, and I used to love reading books and studying how the author presented a line, an emotion, an action. When I think back to how things used to be, how I viewed the world and where I would go within it, I am surprised. It is easy to try and trace back to the lines that got severed or frayed, easy to get lost in self-frustration.

Where I am now is where I am now. A member of an incredible community, constantly blown away by the ambition and determination of the life loving people I get to call friends, the 2014 Global Citizen Year cohort. My life has dramatically changed, and I won’t deny this. Although, yes, it is true, I still long for my Vermont fall, and my friends and family back home claim a place in my heart, there is a new part of me that I just can’t shake, and I am happy that I cannot.

My life here has been one of surprise, frustration, tears, awe, and love. I live for the moments where I feel so happy that I know my smile is taking up a ridiculous amount of space, and when my stomach flips and flops, resulting in a vivacious feeling of excitement and nervousness. My life here has brought forth some of, if not, the happiest moments of my life, along with some of the lowest feels. I am grateful for this. I love my 2013-2014 Global Citizen Year staff, fellows; family. My world has been turned upside down yet again, and I am ready to take it on.

– Maria Gamache, 2013/2014 Global Citizen Year Fellow