Snaps and Captions Part 2


*Otavalo Train Station*

[image: IMG_3768.jpg]

In the tourism office I worked in they were doing a small advertisement
film campaign. They needed a model to play an indigenous Otavaleña woman to
pray at the two churches in Otavalo. It took me about five times to get the
Son Father and Holy spirit action correct, but hey I got it in the end
along with some great flicks.



[image: Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.52.42 PM.png]

The beach had been calling me. Maybe she called me a little too much
because I got sucked out into a riptide. The lifeguard had to come and
rescue me from the surf. The ocean scares me a bit now.

*Quilito Loop*

[image: bed165fb-dc2a-4058-b412-798c8b909638.jpg]

A week-long camping trip with friends has to still be my highlight of
Ecuador. This was taken at the end of our trip when we decided to take a
dip in the lagoon at 10 degrees Celsius. It was an in and out kind of

*Pijal Bajo*

[image: IMG_3584.jpg]

Every Christmas In Australia we would always have the Barbie*, I guess I
got to keep that tradition going here in Ecuador as well.



[image: IMG_3795.jpg]

Global Citizens Year put on a family and apprenticeship lunch. This was
taken at the end with my host family. I think we were all a bit tired at
this point.

*Baños, Pailon Del Diablo*

[image: IMG_4013.jpg]

The Devils Coludren was mesmerising, to say the least. It was one of those
natural beauties with so much force and power that you could stand by
watching for hours wondering where all that energy and all that water keeps
coming from.

*Panamericana *

[image: IMG_3659.jpg]

One of my favourite things to do in Ecuador is taking the bus. For 30 cents
at the right time, you can get yourself a magical scenic view of Imbabura
and the rolling mountains. I really thought I’d get used to seeing the
mountains every day but I still can’t get enough of watching the light seep
out of them or the clouds sweeping across their tips. This is just one
thing I will miss.

*End of Part 2*