Soccer, my unseen refuge

I love soccer, and I played on my High School official team, so I brought with me my soccer shoes and ready to play, but what is actually needed it's me. Florianópolis has amazing beaches and I found myself wandering in nothing but Nature and seeing so much beauty, the smell of the green of the surroundings. Most of the time, when I go to the beach I use my time to read and just enjoy the view.

I usually see people barefoot, in the dry and wet sand, moving around, and yes they were playing soccer, beach soccer or as it said in Portuguese “Futebol de Praia”, my feet would start tickling, I need to play, so I just walked towards a group of people playing soccer and I asked if I could join them, and they always said yes. Once I and another fellow we played for five minutes, that was the time we said we would play because we were thinking of going to catch a bus, but it was 3 pm, so we played for thirty minutes, and other times I just played for almost all afternoon. Being a student at an international school that gave me the opportunity to play soccer with many people from around the world, with different and impressive skills, and being here in Brazil it's different, the people who I play with, their soccer skills are next level, I am not talking about  Brazil as a whole but I'm referring the people who I met and were playing soccer, soccer has been my refuge.

I always try to avoid being overwhelmed, but sometimes I just collapse, and when that happens, for me to calm down and think properly, I simply walk listening to music, I walk with no destiny. A few days ago I walked passed by park close to my house, and I saw some teenagers with a soccer ball and I just asked them if they were about to play, and they said yes, there was a small soccer pitch, but it was about 8 pm and the grass was wet so we decided to play in the concrete blocks, and so far I just played barefoot, and we did play, and it was amazing,  an hour late my feet were hurting, and it is always fun to play soccer, and I think its another way to connect with people and other passions, and I visited the Federal University to find out not only the interesting and triggering political views but to see science and jump all the way to Futsal. There many things to appreciate and to fall into, and I think that mental health is important, doing something that is relaxing, pleasing and maybe tiring but something that makes you happy, its worth, and that is refuge I found, a refuge I have and sometimes I may not give it the real value that it has, because it keeps me running.