So in Global Citizen Year, we have a something called a speakup – basically, it’s a fellow’s time to get up in front of a selected audience and talk about whatever they want. It can be advice, a story, a really heavy moment – whatever! Afterwards, the fellow is given constructive criticism, so it’s a great moment for both the a fellow to practice public speaking and bond with the cohort.


I did a speakup while in Ecuador on one of our very last nights in country, that I titled the Heart. I recorded for a couple reasons – one, I wanted to show what a speakup was (which is a big reason I’m doing this post) but I also felt like I would need to hear it again at some point.


That “some point” is now – lately, the line between feeling at home and out of home, between being comfortable and uncomfortable, between feeling content and feeling alone – that line’s been blurring, and maybe not just for me. So for myself – and for anyone else who may feel like they’d appreciate hearing this – I will put this up.




Until next time (I think I have one more blog left in me until I finish writing under the GCY Fellow moniker,)