Thank Yous

Thank You Staff
I’m so grateful for the support that we have to fall back on. The close relationships we have with our team leaders in this cohort is one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Zooni, thanks for listening to all of my problems and still believing that I can overcome whatever it may be. I’m so lucky to have you as my team leader. Pratiksha, thank you for believing in me.. You make it so easy to love learning, which is something I never saw myself saying, especially five months ago.
Thank You Cohort
I don’t talk much but when I do, thank you for listening to me. Who would have thought I’d be speaking up about my personal life to a group full of people who I just met a few months ago? 
Thank You Apprenticeship
From day one, you have all showed me so much love. I’m going to miss hearing “Didi Didi!” You all have so much potential and light. I believe in you all. (And to Bhumika, I love you and the love you have for your students. You’re such a beautiful human being.)
Thank You Host Family
I’m going to miss baking cakes and playing board games with Palak and Aarna. I’m so happy I vouched to have host sisters. Also, thank you host parents for trying to make me feel as homey and warm as possible. 
Thank You Employees
To the waiter that told me to sit in the restuarant to wait for my ride because it was pouring rain, turned on his hotspot for me, and made sure I got a ride home WHILE working his shift, thank you. 
To the cafe owner that welcomes us, gives us free candy, and lets us feed treats to his dog, thank you. 
To the hundreds of people I have encountered and treated me well, thank you, whether you’re in Panchgani, Jodhpur, or Pune.
Thank You Dogs
Shoutout to the pups that only wanted love and affection. Thanks for never failing to make me smile.. Hope you all get tasty dog treats and good pets for the rest of your lives. (Special shoutout to Joy who always gets SO happy when she sees us. You genuinely make me so happy when I’m not having the best of days) 

Thank You India
This was my first time leaving the United States and let me tell ya, you sure have pushed me far out of my comfort zone. It’s been hard and honestly, it still is but I’m forever grateful for this experience. You challenged me to grow and you let me explore you. (I love Pondicherry, by the way.) From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

Thank You Melissa
So glad that regardless of what everyone else said, you decided to take a gap year. I remember when you thought that going straight to college after highschool felt like a safety net to you.. You weren’t ready. I’ve seen you grow in the most unexplainable ways and I’m so proud of you. You’re a pretty indecisive person, but this one decision right here is one you’ll never regret.