The beach

I like the beach

I like sandy beaches, stony ones….. I like the one in front of my house in Brazil…. I like beaches that don’t face the open sea but something called a “mar fechado” which means closed sea in Portuguese. I like how cold the water is sometimes but also how pleasant that feels in the burning Brazilian sun. 

I like the trails that lead up to the beach (I learned how to climb burning hot sand dunes in my flip-flops). I like going to the beach with friends, laughing and listening to music but also going by myself just to listen to the waves. I like the beach even when you can’t enter the water because 1000’s of jellyfish are floating about. 

I like how much food is available at beaches starting from churros to organic vegan sandwiches. I like walking along the shore but sunbathing is something i have learnt to love after coming here. I like doing something called “jacaré” (alligator) in the water where you catch the wave facing the shore just as it breaks. 

I like that the beach will forever be a part of me after this experience and I will always have a connection to beaches.