The best Teacher

Being back home has been a roller coaster. I’ve loved being able to talk about Senegal but also hate it. I’ve missed Touba Toule but also happy I’m back. Honestly speaking, I miss my people in the cohort and especially Sen Bi Diallo, my language teacher. I’m able to honestly live life a little differently and I’m grateful for it.

Dear Sen Bi Diallo,

Thank you, Jerejeff, thank you, jerejeff. Sen Bi Diallo, yow danga baax, yow danga yemien. You changed my life for the better. Apres yow ak man waxtaan, soma xol ak soma dunde mooy moogenebaax. Sen Bi Diallo, dama julli por yow besbunekk. Man namanala. Kohn jerejeff, Sen Bi Diallo. Yallah na yallah fiay.

– Oussenyou Ndiaye
Ashtin Laurion