The Leap of Faith

As I finish up my last days at Watertown High School, graduating, saying goodbye to longtime classmates, I am gearing up for a year different than your typical high school grad. This year I’m taking a bridge year between high school and college. A year for me to gain global perspective, to meet new people, live in a new culture, do adventurous activities, but most of all, become a global citizen.

I believe a global citizen is kind, charitable, good-hearted, adventurous, curious, and the list goes on. But I chose Global Citizen Year as my bridge year program because of its advanced structure, support, and mission. I want to be globally educated and versed in other cultures. I think that is a good life goal for any individual, especially myself.

While I’m incredibly nervous for leaving my family, friends, and everything I know in my hometown, I’m excited for this new adventure and this new beginning that  I will be starting in a few short days. It’s overwhelming, and all happening very fast, but I’m confident in thriving in my new community and achieving my goal, even if it is just the beginning of achieving my long-term goal.

This is probably the first time in my life in which I do not have a solid plan. Yes, I know that I am doing a bridge year and then attending college next fall. But throughout all of my schooling there has always been a solid schedule. I know that I have seven classes a day and then sports after school. But at this time, I’m not exactly sure what my day-to-day schedule looks like. However, I do know that I want to make a difference and help others.

That is my plan.

I’m leaving my hometown tomorrow, which marks the beginning of my journey- or, my leap of faith.