The Legend of Iluco || Ecuadorian Amazon // Kichwa

I wanted to share a small video project I had been working on inspired by living in Napo. During my time in community, there would be nights when I would be with my most host mom, Susannah and 5 year old host brother Joel. She would begin recounting old Amazonian creation stories that explained how the world came to be. There are countless of these legends that have been passed through generations. This is but one those tales. This video, is a compilation of my travels throughout the region inspired by the idea of creating a project that could carry the atmosphere of awe. Even in this form, it holds limitations. Limitations of a space so ingrained in respect and togetherness, an experience bound by memories of my family in Ecuador. Unlike any other, a crisp night under the Amazonian moon meant the most exhilarating stories to come. I treasure it now more than ever. 

A month after returning to my home in California, I began editing this piece. I cried. I cried in realization. The pain coming as if gently rubbing newly former wound on your arm. Each touch bringing a sensation of pain worn by only time. The audio was narrated by my host sister Christina. I listened to her voice with a sense of detachment, until one evening I felt as she had never left. I realized her voice would always bring me back to my once jungle home.

 *It’s narrated  in Kichwa and translated into Spanish and lastly into English.*