The Long Bumpy Road

Life can be filled to the brim with hard challenges that sometimes block your way to your goals. My preparation for this program is no exception to this. With getting documents late, being kicked out of my house, dealing with personal drama, and having to come up with money for expenses in which I can not afford, this preparation has been a tough one. However, I have a belief that keeps me going when I think a task is getting too tough: When life’s obstacles are getting tougher, it means you’re getting farther in life.

Some obstacles that I have run into in the past months were some that I could not entirely avoid because life is bound to create an obstacle or two. However, being kicked out of my house was one I did not entirely see coming. I was out of my house for personal drama that was going on between my parents and I, which lead to a heated argument which then lead to my parents kicking me out. I was out by myself when my friend came and housed me for the time being. This was a huge help and was beautiful to see how my friends truly were there for me in my hour of need. After a little while, my parents reached out to me and asked me to come back. With the little amount of time I have left here in the States, I didn’t want to end on a bad note with my parents, so I ultimately moved back.

Personal drama aside, I have to spend copious amounts of time on the computer just doing Rosetta Stone or simply accomplishing tasks that are due before my departure. With just being out of high school, this can be a hard thing for me to do as my friends constantly contact me to come and hang out and spend time with them. As a teenager, it is still very hard to say no because you don’t want to tell your close friends that you can’t hang out with them because you need to do more Spanish work or that you have to go get a visa application and that’s why you can’t go hang out. Still, in the bigger scheme of things, once I get all I need to do done, the reward will be so fulfilling.

While it gets closer and closer everyday to the day that I board my first plane and head down to the city by the Bay, I still have a lot of fundraising and final things I need to wrap up. I’m still trying to find the perfect balance between wrapping things up with my friends and wrapping thing up with my preparation. While this road has just begin, I’ve already encountered many a speed bump and pot hole. Looking ahead I can see that this road is going to be a long and bumpy one, but in the end, the journey will be worth it.