The Power of Friendships


The picture above is one that my best friend Bia (from the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo) and I took during the Brazilian Carnival celebrations at UWC Dilijan. Our friendship began during our school’s induction and it has continued to grow ever since. Being best friends with a Brazilian has a lot of perks- abrupt dance (funk!) sessions, long talks about the similarity and differences in both our countries, learning Brazilian slang, free “Farofa" (toasted cassava mixture) every time we had beans in the cafeteria, listening as she explains why she brings Brazilian coffee for breakfast every morning and so much more!

Ever since our first meeting, I had hoped to visit Brazil, and now, I cannot believe I have the amazing opportunity to live and work with locals and experience, firsthand, the culture I have heard so much about through my friend.

Bia, hopefully, the next time I see you we can have a complete conversation in Portuguese. (to be honest, I will be happy if I understand what you are saying) 

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