The Saree
This is my host grandmother putting a saree on me on the night of Christmas’ Eve.

In India, women of different backgrounds, religions, ages, practices, and dialects share the saree as their traditional attire. Centuries of colonization and Western influence did not change the primary piece of clothing of Indian women. They carry history and stories of many generations along with the patterns. The more than 108 draping-styles reflect the diversity of cultures in this land, and the importance women have on carrying it throughout generations.

From daily tasks to important ceremonies, they manage several meters of cloth with such charm in anything they do. Gorgeously. There is so much power in it.
PS: This does not belong to me, it will never do. There is so much meaning draped along with this saree. And I’m grateful for the women who lent me their sarees and draped around my body as I was their own daughter.