This is Life- Transcript

Forgive me- I changed a few words in the reading

There will come a time in your life when the world around you seems to crumble and fall. The sky will crack, and in the minute before it breaks, and tumbles down on your head like a million shards of blue-stained glass speckled with grey, you will hear a melody. There will be a harmony in the sound of breaking and your heart will rejoice. Because as those hundreds of shards of blue come crashing down about your head, they will only reveal a new canvas of black. The world will change from day to night and while it may seem like the world around you has shattered, it has only changed colors for now. And eventually the blackness will be lit with hundreds of pinpoints, which will only grow brighter as the night drags on. The stars will light the world around you and you will hear the crisp, clear notes held in their song. They will swell in the hours when no one is awake, when you feel so lonely and the darkness around you comes hammering down. In that suffocating and smothering moment at 3 AM, the stars will sing. They will play a chord which will cut that cloud away. Their harmony will fill your soul and their light will show you the way. The stars will lead you from the black to the grey. They will scrape your nighttime terrors away. They will take you to the rising sun and the dawning of the day. And as they twinkle out of sight, their song will be replaced by the one the sun plays. And you will know that as bad as each day may get, when the sun comes up again after each night, the day before will have ended. And each day will only happen once. So make the best of the time you are given. Rejoice in the good times, sing to the skies. Let the joy in your voice fly. But suffer in the hard times. Let the grief wash over you and let your tears flow. And when you are ready, know that there are people who will be there and they will hold you when the luster of life loses its glow. Know that these times are only a change in the melody of life. And let that music sing its call. Let it crash over you like a waterfall. Let the tune draw you over the edge. Feel free to take that step. Leap over the brink of the unknown, and let yourself fall into its depth. Let it hurt when you land. But after you collapse remember to stand. And if you cannot, take the offered hand. Let it pull you to your feet again. And when you have risen, remember that you must walk before you can run. Give yourself time to learn and when you are done, remember you cannot learn it all. So be prepared for the time when you trip over your words and fall. And again you must rise. Let the tides of your drives ebb and flow. Let the sky hear your cries, be they anguish, joy, or goodbyes. And when you say goodbye, remember that it is as temporary as the rain that stains the ground, which must eventually dry. And do not think that it will never rain, because even the earth needs to cry to wash away its pain. And when it storms, let the sound of the water against the windowpane wash your heart as well. Go and dance to the watery swell of thunder and let the lightning light your way. And when the sun comes out, know the world is washed clean again. And be sure to appreciate the smell. Enjoy the light and the colors of this sunny spell. And with the sun each new bud will break from its shell. So be like the trees. Stretch yourself higher than anyone believes and let the bright rays of friendship shine on your leaves. Absorb each kind word and laugh. Always remember to laugh, because there will come a time when the days will darken again and the only remedy will be for a smile to split your face in half. And pass that smile on, even when your dark days are gone. Because it may be the recipe to fix the disaster of another’s catastrophe. And when the time comes in their life when the world around them seems to crumble and fall, be the melody bleeding through the cracks. Let them hear you call. Offer your hand to help them stand when they take the step, and in the depth of their despair, let their tears clean the air and be ready to accept them into your care. Because this is the melody of life. This is the harmony of happiness and strife. This is life. This is life.

Peace be with you all